About Doctor Norm

Doctor Norm Sammons is based in the biotechnology hotbed that is San Francisco, CA and also has satellite availability in the Atlanta, GA area.

Doctor Norm earned his Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering with a certificate in Pulp and Paper Science from Georgia Institute of Technology in 2003 and worked for a commodity chemical company in quality control as well as an electricity generation cooperative in environmental and regulatory affairs.

After graduating from Georgia Tech, he worked briefly as a Research Technician exploring paper recycling technology at the Institute of Paper Science and Technology located on the campus of Georgia Tech.

Doctor Norm then enrolled at Auburn University as the first ever dual enrollee in Chemical Engineering (Ph.D.) and Business Administration (MBA). He earned two prestigious fellowships at Auburn, including the Environmental Protection Agency’s Science to Achieve Results Fellowship for 3 years as well as Auburn University’s Presidential Graduate Opportunity Fellowship for 2 years. Doctor Norm authored nine peer-reviewed publications and also made significant contributions to twelve additional papers in which he is listed as a secondary author. He graduated in 2009 with his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering as well as his Master in Business Administration simultaneously.

Doctor Norm accepted a position as a Research and Development Engineer at Auburn, AL-based IntraMicron where he was Principal Investigator on a multidisciplinary research project involving the development and deployment of air filter technology. He used his dual prowess in business and engineering to develop a rigorous accounting system and accompanying corporate policy and performed extensive mathematical process and economic modeling for chemical processes of varying size and scope, including air filtration, synthetic fuel production, gas desulfurization, and syngas production.

Doctor Norm further enhanced his skills by transitioning into a role of Senior Process Modeling Engineer at Codexis in Redwood City, CA. He facilitated corporate strategy development by evaluating techno-economic feasibility of various new pathways based on directed genetic evolution technology. He also developed comprehensive process models to simulate a wide variety of processes including but not limited to carbon dioxide capture, biomass handling and pretreatment, hydrolysis, steam explosion, ethanol and long-chain alcohol fermentation, saccharification, and downstream purification.

Doctor Norm worked for the Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Biosustainability in Copenhagen, Denmark as a Project Manager. His research project involved revitalizing an existing optimization-based framework with updated parameters on process stoichiometry, energy usage, and capital expenditures, and performing a macroeconomic analysis in which the optimal global solution for allocation of feedstock and capital could be allocated to determine maximum profitability.

Doctor Norm currently works as a Techno-Economic Manager at Impossible Foods in Redwood City, CA and has worked extensively in leading collaborative teams to develop and evaluate the library of process models that highlight both the cost and environmental drivers of its product portfolio of plant-based meats and cheeses.

Doctor Norm holds a passion in assisting companies of all sizes and scopes, from startups to established corporations to utilize techno-economic analysis and environmental impact assessment to drive towards the best decision for all stakeholders involved. From his academic knowledge and extensive interaction with fellow techno-economic experts, to his industrial experience capped with a license in Professional Engineering (CA, and eligible for comity in all states) and certification as a management accountant, Doctor Norm is a prime candidate for consulting services to ensure the best return for your technology, both financially and environmentally.

Next Steps...

If interested in retaining Doctor Norm, please send him an email to begin discussions about technology, goals and constraints.